How to choose your new smartphone ?

These days there are number of options when it comes to mobile phones.Major questions which comes to our mind our - 1. Will I get the proper service ?  2. How's the goodwill of the brand ?  3. What should be the configuration which will fulfill my needs, such as ram-rom ,  processor , screen resolution , battery , etc. 4. What are the best available options which comes under my budget ? 5. What's my basic needs and from where will I purchase it? So here we gonna discuss all these major aspects which we should consider before purchasing our most important gadget of life - smartphone (mobilephone) Definitely one will buy the brand which has proper service centres within your reach and has good quality service reviews in history. One should see what's the basic needs one wants in a smartphone, such as camera quality, Ram, Rom , Processor, clock speed , screen resolution, display panel , battery capacity , charging capacity, operating system such as android or i

Realme vs Redmi

Realme & Redmi, both are Chinese brands. Redmi is a sub brand of Xiaomi whereas Realme is run by Oppo.The major objectives and working strategies for both the vendors are almost same, i.e killing the competition by reducing the profits until and unless the sales come on top.Nothing new actually, Chinese are famous for selling products at cheaper prices and cheap qualities whereas it's not the same case in the mobile industry.The consumer needs high quality products which last forever, high quality accessories , customer service support and what not, now both Realme and Redmi are making superb quality products. The built quality is so good that consumers are buying them.Redmi and Realme both give you very high configuration in whatever segment consumer wants to buy. They make sure that no other brand could give better Ram or Rom , proccessors, gaming chipsets, latest innovations, classic designs.Both the brands have captured all the youth, service class , middle class and lower